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The grandchildren had all been by the hospital to say their goodbyes, (at one point Royce was heard saying “I’m not dead yet), we were having last conversations with Royce and we were expressing our gratitude for having him around as long as we have. Royce was up walking with a walker, aided by the physical therapist as they were assessing Royce’s fitness level for possible rehabilitation.

He spent time with an occupational therapist and we are awaiting a visit with the speech therapist later today.

He now recognizes people, can read, answer questions and follow instructions, although a bit haltingly (on all of those, not just following directions.

He was never interested in following directions...!

Since we arrived March 14, one of us has been staying with Royce, originally 24 hours, and the last 10 days, from a.m. He has had a sitter on the nights we were not there all night. He has been receiving therapy 3 hours each day, and in some ways, will be better than pre-hospitalization.

The doctors were unable to find a diagnosis, other than encephalopathy, in this case of unknown origin.

They building is 125 years old and has a huge rotunda, similar to the capitol building in DC. They have between 750K – 1.5M bats leave the shelter under the bridge at dusk each night.

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They were very nice and refunded some of the extra cost for the “deluxe site”. We were also focused on the news that my dad had been hospitalized. He was having difficulty communicating, confused and agitated.After a few days of the most humid weather possible without rain, and the cloudiest of skies, we are now enjoying cooler and drier weather with the bluest skies imaginable. We have seen both the male and female cardinals frequently, and there is a song-bird that comes around.An egret lives at the lake regularly, there are turkey vultures we see when driving, and we have seen osprey on our walks.) His personality is intact, and he has us (and the nurses) chuckling at times, which is a delight.Once the assessments are completed, we will be moving him to some supportive living and rehabilitation.

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