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(Control over reproduction is great and all, but you still want to be able to propagate the species.) This is part of the reason why sex gets so strange in the animal kingdom: The push and pull between the sexes results in some of evolution’s more creative accomplishments. The male anglerfish, for instance, bites onto a female, fuses to her, and lives the rest of his life as her sperm factory.

This is an evolutionary ploy to ensure that when an anglerfish couple manages to meet in the vast emptiness that is the deep sea, they can be damn sure they get some fertilization happening.

That being said, Datingcop is my favorite review site for adult dating and given that I eat, sleep, and breath this stuff, you won’t find a better one online. The offspring of any particular couple necessarily vary—consider how much you differ from your siblings.This is of course because offspring get a random mix of genes from their parents.He looks like you’d expect an insect to, but the female is a legless, eyeless sack of eggs.She burrows into a wasp and pokes her oviduct through its exoskeleton, and the male comes along and fertilizes her.

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    Debuted in 2003 and has aired 14 complete series as of February 2017.