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We've built a full stack solution that marries human & machine intelligence.

At CBAS we are standardizing the hardware & software interface between the body and any bionic device.

Often, they make the difference between whether a job gets done or whether it doesn't.

So, if the body wants to turn a reaction on or off, it usually just turns the enzyme on or off.

This would be like putting a lunchbox in factory worker's hands so that he can't pick up the toy soldier pieces.

Enzymes also have regions that are not the active site, called allosteric sites.

His hands (the active site) are still free, but it would be much more difficult to perform his job.

There are some inhibitors that are neither competitive nor non-competitive inhibitors. Think of it like wrapping a factory worker's hands in bubble wrap after he picks up the toy parts.

There are three major types of enzyme inhibition: competitive inhibition, non-competitive inhibition, and uncompetitive inhibition. In our example, the hand of the factory worker would be the active site. This prevents the enzyme from binding to the substrate.

Enzymes have one specific spot on them where they act on a substrate. When the active site is blocked, the reaction cannot occur.

It is like the inhibitor and the substrate are competing for the active site.

Our aim is to enable high functionality bionics for treating health conditions to be easily and cheaply developed & delivered to patients. Farms use cowlar's alerts & recommendations to improve dairy margins by 30%. We are Io T & machine learning experts solving a real problem for dairy farms.

Hogaru provides professional cleaning services to millions of small and medium sized businesses in Latin America.

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