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You purposefully choose people with problems and, in turn, avoid your own.

You become obsessed with fixing them, making it work and making excuses for them.

“I’d bleed for you” is the ideal way to describe the bargaining process of a new relationship.

They are those with traits of “self-defeating personality disorder,” or “masochistic personality disorder.”It makes sense -- you have to be somewhat self-destructive to enter into such a high-risk game.

Instead, you refuse to see it and usually take it for granted, unconsciously pushing that perfect person away.

You knowingly hurt those around you, and then expect them to forgive you.

When you fall for the sweet talkers and the conniving instead of the wholesome and honest.

It's when you can't see a good thing that's in front of you because you're too busy looking at some idealistic dream scenario that will leave you as thirsty and disoriented as any mirage.

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    But here’s the big, huge, important fucking reason I’ll never support a herpes dating service: these products contribute to herpes stigma.