Dating workaholic tips

When you two are alone and talking, you might ask your mate something like this: "Please help me understand why you work as many hours as you do...." or "I want to understand why you work so much..." Whatever you choose to say, make sure that you truly do want to better understand. You might not be able to force your partner to stop working so many hours or to keep your dates, but you can let him or her know that you have feelings and preferences too. Instead of saying something like, "You don't want to be with me," try "I feel sad and lonely when we don't have regular connecting time every day." Resist the urge to assume that you know how your partner feels or what motivates him or her to work so much.

Really listen to what your partner says in response. Instead, be clear about how you feel and make requests to help bring some positive changes. It is important to be flexible in a relationship because there are often times when negotiation and patience are required.

Don't issue an ultimatum-- unless you are willing to follow through.

Maybe you'll decide to invite a friend to go with you to the concert instead.As their commitment to one another grew stronger and they eventually married, what Ellen previously saw as a character strength turned into something annoying and hurtful.After almost two decades of marriage, Ellen has grown used to being very flexible.As much as you don't want to make your partner angry, you lying about how you truly feel when he or she cancels your date (for the umpteenth time) is not going to help your relationship.Being honest doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to pick a fight with your partner or that you're going to try to guilt trip or manipulate him or her either.

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