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“There are many more pitfalls for males than females,” said Janet Lever, a sociologist at California State University in Los Angeles who helped write and interpret the study.That’s because some gals who make the modern effort just do it to be polite.“I feel like the balance of power has shifted in his direction. This is my date, too.” The man called the shots when the old dating etiquette came about in the 1920s.In those days, trends emerged like “rating and dating,” meaning men with more money got the prettiest ladies and more of them.

The same percentage don’t mind if their dates order the priciest prime rib on their dollar. Nearly 9 in 10 of surveyed women said they wouldn’t go for the most expensive item on the menu.

Before women entered the workforce in large numbers, it made practical sense for men to pay for dates.

It was a way for them to prove that they could be good providers, and women simply didn’t have their own money.

Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds of men believe women should contribute, and 44 percent went so far as to say that they would stop seeing a woman who never reached for the bill.

Yet they’re also deeply conflicted, with 76 percent reporting that they feel guilty accepting women’s money.

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