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They want what's best for you, so they'll try to get you to dump any guy that they deem unworthy of your greatness.However, just because they're older doesn't mean that they're wiser.Don’t have him or her meet you at the door where the kids can meet them.No need to spike anxiety in our children with someone who may not last past the first few dates.When you finally get to meet the parents face to face, you should bring a gift with you, something to show them that you are happy to meet them and get to know them.

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Go to them humbly, and pour your heart out to them, showing them you sincerely do love their daughter.Test the waters about your children from the start.You have children whom you are responsible for in many ways and a potential mate needs to know this and be supportive.All I believe they are doing, is looking for security and good future for their daughter as any good parent should.You should uderstand and go with that, if you really love the girl. If unfortunately the parents do not approve of you, don’t give up hope just yet . Do whatever it takes to make the parents believe in you and make them happy about their daughter’s choice .

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