Dating tall dark handsome men

Just because you can’t afford to take her to a fancy dinner doesn’t mean you have to make spaghetti (at least not in the first three months of dating).

Since they are at risk of getting pregnant and having the father take off, they are biologically driven to find a man who can not only provide good genes, but also invest his resources in a relationship with their children.

At one point the question “Do nice guys finish last? After some discussion, a friend of mine named Ashley (conveniently dating a fraternity brother) said, “Yes, but only in the short run.” Being a nice guy, I didn’t believe her, since the hot girls always went for the well-connected, senior guys in my frat house, while at the time I was earning the record for strike-outs.

And it seemed I at least had celebrity couples on my side.

Researchers initially thought this meant that dominant men would be the most attractive.

After all, dominant men would be more likely to acquire resources.

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