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” To answer them, Suchet takes us with him on several trips — on a journey of discovery — to the birthplaces (yes, plural) of Poirot and on the Orient Express, amongst others.Courtesy of ITV Studios, Acorn Productions Along the way we meet individuals who have worked with Suchet on Poirot, such as “Dead Man’s Folly” costar Sean Pertwee, as well as those who have been central to the TV series, including Agatha Christie’s grandson Mathew Prichard, and Christopher Gunning, the composer of the now instantly-recognized Poirot theme.George 8/10/2014 PM Vermont Burlington, Rutland, St.

In addition to starring in the last four feature-length Poirot episodes — “Dead Man’s Folly” (August 3 on PBS) and “Elephants Can Remember,” “The Labours of Hercules” and “Curtain” (August 11, 18 and 25, respectively, exclusively on Acorn TV) — Suchet takes us where viewers have never been before in Being Poirot.

Others who shed light on Christie’s relationship with Poirot, the appeal of Poirot (such as among Belgians), and the character of the character include Suchet’s friend and Poirot biographer Geoffrey Wensell, archivist John Curran, and Belgian crime writer Stan Lauryssens.

Courtesy of ITV Studios, Acorn Productions There is much more to the story of Poirot in Being Poirot, and no one tells it better than Suchet, who says of his alter ego: “[Poirot] is the person who was responsible for my life for 25 years… He’s my invisible, closest, and best friend.” The following public TV stations are confirmed for airing the Being Poirot special starting today.

Smith, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Mountain View 8/10/2014 PM California Fresno TBA California Huntington Beach, Los Angeles TBA California Sacramento 9/6/2014 AM California San Diego 8/17/2014 PM California Monterey, Salinas, San Francisco, San Jose, Watsonville 8/17/2014 PM Colorado Colorado Springs, Denver, Durango, Grand Junction, Pueblo, Steamboat Springs TBA Connecticut Fairfield, Hartford, New Haven, Norwich TBA District of Columbia Washington, DC 8/7/2014 PM Florida Ft.

Myers, Naples 8/17/2014 PM Florida Gainesville 8/17/2014 PM Florida Jacksonville 8/17/2014 PM Florida Miami-Ft.

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