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She saw you two flirting it up, and she lived on his floor last year in the dorms. “My friend Sarah had just met my friend Blake from [her school], but they didn’t exchange numbers,” she says.

“I gave Sarah his number and helped her craft a text to him asking him about his shoes. He totally texted her back.” While your text to him may have to be a bit more carefully crafted considering the indirect way in which you obtained his number, as long as he’s interested (and why wouldn’t he be?! ), he’ll gladly accept the chance to get in contact with you.

“I once had a girl text me after a party asking me where she should take her car to get a dent fixed,” Jude says.

“We talked about our car problems the night before…

Hitting it off with a guy at a party is just the beginning.

After the initial encounter, there’s so much to look forward to!

You have no trouble talking to him at the party about your mutual love for Imagine Dragons where the lights are dim and the music’s bumping…

Not only is he a bighearted social work major who loves working with kids, but he also isn’t afraid to be goofy on the dance floor.

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A Saint Louis native, she’s a Midwestern girl with big dreams.You could also go for a more creative text by referencing something you talked about when you met, such as, Morgan, a sophomore at the University of Missouri, usually goes with this approach.“By referencing something you talked about the night before, you’re showing him that you remember him and that you are someone worth remembering,” she says.As long as you make it clear that you’re interested and your efforts don’t cross over into creeper territory, you’re golden.Marisa is a sophomore at the University of Missouri - Columbia (Mizzou), where she is pursuing a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Magazine Writing and a minor in Spanish.

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