Dating someone who has bipolar disorder

I myself, cycle between moods per day, per week, and sometimes per month.It is dependent upon things that trigger me, like deeply stressful personal situations.Loving someone who has bipolar disorder is challenging and requires much patience and empathy. Talk often to her about her feelings and ask her what she needs from you. Keep the conversations as positive as possible and brainstorm through difficult matters together.Encourage the bipolar sufferer to take his medication consistently.

Those with rapid cycling, like me, can experience multiple moods in a week or within a single day.

In 50 First Dates, Adam Sandler`s character spends his life reminding his girlfriend Drew Barrymore (who suffered severe brain damage in a car accident shortly after they met) every morning who she is and everything about her life before and after the accident when she wakes up, by means of a video.

Her character can only remember 24 hours of memories at a time. She remembers nothing from her past, and each day is a fresh start.

My spouse has the difficult and agonizing task of repeatedly reminding me, that I am where I want to be, and where I am meant to be.

It can be exhausting and utterly heartbreaking for him.

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