Dating scammer osai williams from ghana

She stopped communications when I kept insisting to see a copy of her passport.Sam (Australia) Report N15 (added on August, 29, 2012) Scammer for sure! Bill (USA) Report N16 (added on September, 5, 2012) She requested I buy a Kente' cloth (0).

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I asked her to explain how her pics got to the website and she would just ignore my questions, Then she would start to say that i was ruining her good name by posting her phone number and her email adresses.I want to press charges against her and see her where she belongs, in jail.Billy (USA) Report N6 (added on September, 30, 2010) Ruby, as she is known to me, first contacted me right after I signed up on but due to racial tension from the mixed marriage between her mom and dad they left the U. Tim (USA) Report N7 (added on January, 25, 2011) Yes she first contacted me with no pic and used the name Maude.Mike (Canada) Report N8 (added on March, 25, 2011) She contacted me trough a swedish dejtingsite around the 22:nd march...we moved oru conversation immidetly to a messngercontact..

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