Dating on a budget

Unfortunately, not everybody likes to “go Dutch,” and find it far more preferable that one party foot the bill. Clearly, fast food is out of the question, as are soup kitchens.

In addition, expensive and fancy restaurants are no-go’s as well.

However, that number includes both evening and matinee, as well as IMAX and 3-D movies, which cost more.

The typical evening movie ticket can run you or higher.

If they love aquariums, find one, but only go once a month if that.

If they enjoy the beach, the park, or some other free activity, then you’ve just hit the budgeting jackpot.

To keep your movie budget down, try to attend as many matinees as possible, and hit the local drug store for snacks before you go in. Obviously, the first step here is to find out what your date enjoys.

It’s easy to get caught up in the perception that a date has to be expensive, but is this really the case?

For one thing, there aren’t too many months where that many good movies are released.

For another, each ticket costs, on average, .35 these days, an all-time high.

Stick to this number while still finding ways to have fun, and you’ll earn a reputation for being a fiscally conservative dating machine.

The most obvious way to budget a romantic dinner for two is to make paying the bill a project for two. If not, then consider the restaurants you take your date to.

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