Dating on a budget

Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive activities all over the place, and all you need to do to find them is look.

The same rules apply here as do shows — if your date says they like amusement parks, hit one (but stay away from the games, which are rigged solely to suck away every dollar you have).

And what if you guys want to munch on popcorn or candy, and wash it all down with soda? Not every ticket to every show is a seat at some opera house or rock concert.

An evening date at the theater can easily run you -, and you’re not even guaranteed to like the movie! Most every town in the nation has inexpensive entertainment of all sorts, and if the show is good, then your date almost certainly won’t care that the price tag on the ticket isn’t large.

However, that number includes both evening and matinee, as well as IMAX and 3-D movies, which cost more.

The typical evening movie ticket can run you or higher.

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Also, once you get to know the person and they’re comfortable with spending time at your place, then introduce them to some of your delicious home cooking.And if your date INSISTS you pay top dollar for front row at an Elton John show or an orchestra seat at Macbeth, then they’re probably not the one for you anyway.Most shows happen in the evening, but what if you and your date want to get together in the daytime?We budget everything in our lives — food, entertainment, travel, and so on.One thing we don’t tend to think about in terms of savings though, is dating.

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