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Others believe we unconsciously replicate our attraction to our opposite sex-parent.

Some believe we’re attracted to those with the same level of emotional maturity or differentiation of self.

She’s a great woman and I guess I never wanted to hurt her feelings.” In treatment Seth came to realize that he was more enamored with Sarah’s family than he was with Sarah.

Pete and his wife Allison came for couple’s therapy because he admitted to Allison that he was thinking about leaving her.

However, in an individual session Seth admitted to me that he was never very attracted to Sarah: “She’s not my type: I like tall brunettes.

I had sex with Sarah for years but it was never that good.

Other things outweigh physical attraction to these people such as companionship and security. But to many, this type of relationship may be a so-called “house-of-cards.” Consider the following examples: Janie, a very attractive woman in her middle forties came for couple’s therapy with her husband Tim.

I’ve seen a few who “had some” and “grew more,” but even those that were attracted to non-physical aspects of their partners (such as intellect) couldn’t seem to harvest a physical attraction.Whether the theory you support is based on the biological or the social sciences, chemistry needs to be considered. Either its a terrible joke or you are a complete moron.This is an important topic about honesty and true desire. He wanted to let you know that physical attraction isn't everything.Thanks for crapping on everyone's forum with your "1st" comments. Psychological manipulation and con-artistry (PUA) staples can be just as effective..know...cause he's alpha. upto I looked at the bank draft which was of 08, I be certain ...friend actualie erning money in there spare time at their computer..PUA is a subculture built around males who are not physically attractive. there aunt had bean doing this for only about twenty months and recently cleared the mortgage on their mini mansion and got a great Mazda. If there's two things that don't gucking go together you just nailed them on the head!! I agree -- attraction either is there from the beginning -- or will never exist.

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