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If Mama June Shannon is going to attend her ex-husband’s wedding, she might as well pick up some new arm candy for the occasion.The reality star shocks her family members by revealing that she is heading out on a date on Mama June: From Not to Hot‘s Friday, February 24, premiere, as seen in Us Weekly‘s exclusive sneak peek.And I only got a couple months, so I got to get started now.” She explains that her prospective beau is named Jeff, and the pair met on dating app Tinder. Honey Boo Boo) asks, “How did you meet this dude, anyways?” Shannon replies, “I mean, you’re too young to kind of know about that.” But Alana didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday and asks, “Is it the one where you shop for guys, and you swipe left and right?I was like, 'Ahh.' And then when I had to get up this morning [in NYC], I was like, 'I'm not home anymore.'""Disguises were the worst," she continued, telling ET she sometimes had to wear glasses and a hoodie."I feel like when people do disguises, it brings more attention to you.

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She told ET she's especially excited to purchase her first new pair of jeans when she goes shopping with her daughters."It sounds funny, but jeans," she said.” Her concerned mom responds, “How do you know about that?#1 Best Sugar Mummy Website As the Largest & Original Sugar Mummy Dating Website, we have been in the sugar mummy online dating business for over 16 years!, ET sat down with the 37-year-old reality star on Tuesday in New York City, where she filled us in on what she's been doing since undergoing a total body transformation.WATCH: Mama June Opens Up About Her Current Relationship With Sugar Bear: 'He Pisses Me Off'It's only been about five days since Mama June has come out of hiding -- she was forced to spend seven weeks in a safe house in order to avoid spoiling her slimmer figure to fans."I'm telling you, if it weren't for the kids, I probably would have lost my s**t," she told ET's Jennifer Peros, referencing her two children, daughters Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon, whom she shares with ex-husband Sugar Bear.

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