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This critique offered by Gladue is the impetus for the present paper, in which we study personal advertisements placed by Muslims who live in the United States.

Most of the studies we cited earlier analyzed lonely hearts advertisements placed in newspapers and magazines.

In particular, we are interested in the comment of Gladue (1989)on Buss's work, which suggests that considering Buss' data by predominant religion instead of by country might tell us more about diversity than geography alone.

Put somewhat simply, one's identity as a Muslim, Christian, atheist, or agnostic may be more telling and influential than the fact that someone lives in Saudi Arabia or Korea.

Supporters of evolutionary interpretations argue that sociocultural explanations, while not necessarily wrong, are incomplete.

They suggest that a woman's physical appearance is linked to age and health, which, in turn, is a significant indicator of her reproductive capabilities.

The present study is aimed mainly at expanding some the findings reported by the international study of Buss (1989).In contrast, women tend to prefer men who are successful and older than them.The findings of these and other studies on sex differences on human mating strategies are remarkable in their consistency when one considers the divergent theoretical and methodological approaches used (Feingold, 1990, Feingold, 1992). Cross-cultural studies (e.g., Hollander, 2004) are scarce, despite their value in testing evolution-based hypotheses. While the majority of these mate selection studies focus on Western societies, more recent studies have expanded not only the populations being studied but on the theories tested.

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