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The series revolves around the life of children in the Ashdene Ridge (previously Elm Tree House) care home; typically each episode follows one or more characters' life and includes subplots featuring other characters.The Dumping Ground deals with issues related to the care system as well as social issues such as friendships, family, relationships, mental health, adolescence and LGBT parenting.

Additional scenes are shot across the North East of England.

Because it can be assumed that infiltrating water is in equilibrium with the atmosphere, the concentrations of these constituents in ground water reflect their atmospheric concentrations at the time the water was isolated from the atmosphere. C., 1997, Base-flow characteristics of streams in the Valley and Ridge, Blue Ridge, and Piedmont Physiographic Provinces of Virginia: U.

The environmental tracers and isotopes present in a ground-water sample were derived from the atmosphere at the time of recharge.

Time and cost considerations prohibit a detailed assessment of each of the more than 4,000 public water supplies in Virginia.

Thus the VAS study proposes to characterize the susceptibility of all of the regional aquifers by studying a representative sample of water-supply wells.

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