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And you might want to read their terms page (section 4.c) for the full low down on all the trick they used to deceive people.

It's all about making money while misleading people into beleiving they will get laid when they register on XMeets!Computer software bots that have been designed to mimic real people are used to send you emails and instant messages.Our review explains all of this in very lengthy detail.(Screen shot of the fake questionnaire.) The quickest way to prove that X Meets isn't a real hook-up site is just to look at the home page of their website.You can take a look at the screenshot that we have provided you below period circled in red you will see the words "agree to the terms and use the fantasy cuties who may contact me for entertainment purposes".

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    Whatever you decide, make sure both of you agree, or resentment will build and your relationship is unlikely to last.

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    If you are at all unsure about who to date, how to date or which free dating site to join then please do get in touch.