Dating gold memebership

In 2012, they acquired 33 gyms from Lifestyle Family Fitness in Florida.

In 2013, the company The Buffalo and Rochester Athletic Clubs in Western New York.

In 2010, they acquired Pure Fitness Arizona and 10 gyms in the Phoenix area.

In 2011, in a huge acquistion, LA took over 153 clubs from Bally Total Fitness.

Newer runners will simply quit thinking it’s always so “hard” when it shouldn’t be, depending on equipment. It’s fun to have awesome sales, great reviews and to work at a place that’s EXCELLENT. I’ve been to at least 3 other locations in Florida and none of them looked like this. There should be an employee walking around the facility at least every hour to ensure all equipment is put back or at the least you should have a person after closing hours to walk through and replace equipment. At LA Fitness in Santa Clarita, California the showers have ONLY a strong narrow stream of water that actually hurts rather than a wide spray as average showers have.

I’m really hoping someone will make these changes as soon as possible! I think most of us want to go where it’s EXCELLENT and we feel our money is well spent. I happen to live closest to this gym and have excellent pricing because I once modeled, on a poster, for you all. It is like the head of the shower is turned to the narrowest spray.

Your business tactics are something to be ashamed of.

I purchased my membership back in Southern California, when it was Bally’s.

You’re a disgusting unethical money hungry company. Reply Your gym in naplea Florida needs some serious attention and new management.

I have learned to put up with the rude staff as I really don’t need anything from them—they don’t greet you when you walk in and in times we have had a complaint they do nothing..

I immediately went inside the club and asked the workers to contact the police. I’m very fortunate that nothing happened to me this morning.

However, it is clear that you need security on the premises for your members who use the club in the times when the sun is not out.

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