Dating girl multiple sclerosis

I ended up at Moorfields Eye Hospital where this was diagnosed as optic neuritis which, I was assured, would go away on its own. But two years later I had just started a new job and was nine months into a relationship (with my now husband) when I woke up with no feeling from the waist down.After having loads of tests, I was diagnosed with MS and, frankly, I thought my life was over.Anyone watching probably thinks I'm drunk and people can make snide comments, but that, sadly, goes with the territory.I weighed just 1lb11oz at birth and wondered whether being premature had any link.MS affects more than 85,000 people in the UK and is the most disabling neurological condition currently diagnosed in the under-40s. However, MS never affects sufferers in the same way and varies between benign and relapsing/remitting MS, where attacks are rare with long remission periods, and progressive MS, where there is no remission.Life expectancy is near normal, but there is no cure, and research shows that about 65 per cent of those with relapsing remitting MS develop progressive MS within 15 years of diagnosis.The first symptoms came when I was 17; if I leaned back on the sofa I could feel a warm sensation in my back, as though I had a hot water bottle pressed against it, and numbness and tingling in my lower legs and feet.

There are many misconceptions about MS, for example, that sufferers always end up wheelchair-bound - yet this happens to only one in four cases.The MS diagnosis came two years ago after a relapse when I was on holiday in Spain.Initially I wasn't given any treatment because my MS was diagnosed as "mild".He couldn't find anything wrong, so I visited my GP who referred me to a neurologist.This was very fortunate because just before my appointment was due I woke up one morning numb from the waist down. An MRI scan showed lesions - like white spots - in my brain and neck, and I was told this indicated swelling on my nerves that could be MS.

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