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I sell it on the street and at gas stations." And they said, "No thanks."It sounds like a real success story. Like, the other day I told Jeb he had a nice dick and he said, "Really? And that was just a camera man who said he'd get naked too to make us feel more comfortable. I've been told it smells like bologna."So are you all really close now? Like, we'll sing the jingle for "Living Spaces" but replace it with "Dating Naked." That's a big joke between us. In the UK, The Chase is regularly watched by over 3 million viewers each day and previously won a National Television Award for ‘Best Daytime Show’.In each episode, four contestants first individually take part in a 'cash builder' round.What was the most romantic thing that happened to you on the show? Well this one night we were all sitting in the hot tub and Tristan was telling us how his ex wasn't very "body positive" and it was just really sad. The funniest game show moments are the ones where people aren't trying to be funny, so also take how authentic they are into consideration when voting.The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star told Too Fab in October that the split from her ex was harder than she ever imagined - despite the fact they have been battling in out since he filed for separation on July 30, 2012.'Going through a divorce is difficult at best,' she said.

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Honestly, is there anything better than a good game show blooper?

One the of the risks contestants take when signing up to compete on a TV game show is that they'll make a stupid mistake, which will then be saved on film and broadcast to millions of people.

And yet, the lure of lots of cash or major prizes is too much to resist.

Presenter Bradley Walsh introduced classic blunders and slip-ups, as well as never-before-seen outtakes.

ITV teased that the clips feature "all the bits you were never meant to see, and some more bits you'll want to see again".

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