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Below are the missions grouped by level at which they are available.Missions in blue give lightside points and missions in red given darkside points.has created an online chart ( that allows you to plug in your own assumptions about future growth, inflation and the exchange rate.Our best guess is that annual real GDP growth over the next decade averages 7.75% in China and 2.5% in America, inflation rates average 4% and 1.5%, and the yuan appreciates by 3% a year.

But don't expect that to dampen Chinese celebrations, whenever they come.China, despite its 1.3 billion population, its emergence as the world's second largest economy as well as its largest exporter, its expanding military power and strategic ambitions of challenging US hegemony in the western Pacific, is treated as less menacing.The persistent Euro-centric view that the West has of the world, the belief that Russia has the potential to threaten the centre of gravity of western power represented by NATO, might explain this in part.Apart from making expletives the currency of diplomacy, the US Assistant Secretary in charge of the region has been filmed handing over food packets to anti-government street demonstrators in Kiev.No self-respecting country would normally allow such blatant interference in its internal affairs.

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