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If he's not sure what the solution is, do what other leaders do -- consult the many sources of information available.

Lesson #3: Make decisions One of the meanings of the word "manly" is being decisive.

The irony of me breaking up with my boyfriend to travel is that he was the only one who never questioned why I had to go. But because human emotions are complicated he was both proud of me for going and resented me for leaving.

In return I loved him for encouraging me to go and resenting him for not insisting that I stay.

Someone who can control his anger is better than a physically strong man who can conquer a city.

Blowing up in anger can seriously damage a relationship. Not getting angry doesn't mean he accepts bad treatment; he calmly sets limits on the treatment he accepts from others.

He gave in to something he knew was wrong and then he blamed his wife. Does blaming his wife help Adam avoid responsibility?

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When she asks for input on a decision, he says, "It's up to you." He wants to be nice but he doesn't realize he's frustrating her. Like a lot of men these days, I received so many messages on what a man in a relationship should be, I was bewildered. If a man works on himself and develops himself to be worthy, the woman will be his partner. What happens next in the world's first relationship? They have one commandment: Don't eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. You're not responsible for what happened." Just the opposite.When he sees a situation that needs to be dealt with, he should step forward and handle it.People admire those who step forward to handle difficult situations.A man needs to make decisions and take responsibility for the outcome.If he's reluctant to make decisions, she may resent him.

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