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There's a new edgy look on the 'gram and it's making everyone schedule hair appointments as soon as they see it.

As Teen Vogue found, rose brown hair is driving the internet wild.

You can thank the Huji Cam in the app store for this.

The newest "big thing" in photography apps promises your snaps will "look just li…In the spring of 2014, I thought all the pieces of a full adult life were falling into place.

It's a traditional …Grey's Anatomy fans weren't ready for the news that Arizona and April were leaving Grey's Anatomy, and they may not be ready for the way both characters go, either.

April has rediscovered religion and she no longer blames God for her troubles, but wi…We talk a lot about The Great American Novel — the novels that are considered "the voice of a generation." Basically, these books are not only considered emblematic of the culture at the particular time they were published, but are celebrated as work…It's 2018, and I'm tired of trying to explain basic things about equality to grown-ass people who have had every possible chance to learn and understand.

But in Hollywood, that age-old advice apparently needs an addendum: Write what you know — as long as men are into it.

And for actor and newly minted director/screenwriter Heather Graham — a woman who swam thro…The founder of the #Me Too movement is pushing back against one man's characterization of the movement.

In case it wasn’t clear,…Chances are you've seen a few photos on Instagram that look like they belong in your parents' old vacation albums.I loved my job as a political reporter, my boyfriend and I had just moved in together after two years of dating, and we were starting to talk about what our…While it’s no secret that exercise provides a ton of health benefits — like increased energy, better bone and muscle health, glowier skin, and even increased brain power — plenty of people take to their yoga mats for the mood-boosting benefits.And a…If you've found yourself crossing your fingers more and more tightly for a follow-up to the original over the years, there's good news and there's bad news.The couple are expecting their second child this summer, and this video of…The communication and technology woes of Mercury retrograde will mercifully come to an end April 15, 2018.Unfortunately, that doesn't mean things will go back to normal because, beginning April 17, another bad actor arrives on the scene.

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