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Day 1:• Shooting: Suspect in custody • Search: Police hunt for suspected killer • Political fights: Hour after shooting, gun debate rages • Reaction: Readers react as manhunt locks down community The aftermath: • The victims: Mother, father killed by son, police say • Timeline: CMU officials detail events on day of shooting • Background: Police discuss contact with suspect night before shooting • Night before: Hours before shootings, Davis had escaped emergency room Into court: • Bond: In hospital, suspect held on million bond • Court proceedings start: James Eric Davis, Jr., arraigned from hospital bed Lisa Yanick Litwiller is a photographer and community engagement editor.

She is a 2000 graduate of CMU, the mother of two boys, is terrified of birds and close spaces, and loves wine, music and gossip.

Leonard Uhr and Charles Vossler published "A Pattern Recognition Program That Generates, Evaluates, and Adjusts Its Own Operators", which described one of the first machine learning programs that could adaptively acquire and modify features and thereby overcome the limitations of simple perceptrons of Rosenblatt Joseph Weizenbaum (MIT) built ELIZA, an interactive program that carries on a dialogue in English language on any topic.

It was a popular toy at AI centers on the ARPANET when a version that "simulated" the dialogue of a psychotherapist was programmed.

Search efforts for Davis Jr., who had reportedly fled north from his dorm and into the Millpond Park area, included more than 100 police officers, tracking dogs, helicopters and more.

Ramon Llull, Spanish theologian invents the Ars Magna, a tool for combining concepts mechanically, based on an Arabic astrological tool, the Zairja.

He referred to Kurt Gödel's result of 1931: sufficiently powerful formal systems are either inconsistent or allow for formulating true theorems unprovable by any theorem-proving AI deriving all provable theorems from the axioms.

Since humans are able to "see" the truth of such theorems, machines were deemed inferior.

The method would be developed further by Gottfried Leibniz in the 17th century.

Wilhelm Schickard drew a calculating clock on a letter to Kepler.

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