Dating buttons

When the garment no longer fit or just wore out, these are the buttons that were cut off and saved for their beauty and durability.

Even today this is the best mix we offer of the newest fashion styles, balanced with basics, novelty, as well as repair and replacement buttons.

CC- to clean all of these types of metal buttons try using a kneaded gray art eraser or rub with a soft cloth to clean. During WWII when metals were scarce a nickel composition was used.

These pieces are light silver in color, the metals is very soft and will not tarnish.

Most of this type of button had rhinestones or plastic decorations.

CC- Try rubbing gently with a soft cloth to clean and polish the surface.

Sterling, yellow bronze and brass buttons can also be found.

These were manufactured both in Europe, England and the United States between the 1840's to as late as the 1930's.

The designs range from "calicoes" at the top to "stencils" at the bottom.

These china buttons were made for the working class as a mainstay and used on sturdy dependable clothing.

They were made for men shirts, women's dresses, and underwear.

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