Dating bronze sculptures

Salvador Dalí was not only a painter, he was a multi faceted artist in every sense of the word.He was widely recognised as sculptor, writer, illustrator, filmmaker, jewellery designer and more.The Mycenaeans were also fantastic goldsmiths which can be seen from finds such as 'Agamemnon's Death Mask' found in a grave dating back to the 16th Century.

Whether Chinese bronze statue, Hindu bronze statue, miniature bronze statue, miniature antique bronze Buddha, or antique bodhisattva statue, all are examined closely by an expert with 30 years of experience before being posted and described on the website.

Deities for sale include Buddha, Quanyin, Ganesh, Hanuman, Vishnu, Shiva images, plus many others.

Most Buddhas for sale are antique and most are made of bronze.

The Greeks learnt how to build gates and tombs (such as Agamemnon's tomb in the 'Bee-hive') and how to use different metals in art, using Mycenaean techniques.

The famous Cyclopean Wall of Mycenae before the lion gate is a good example of their masonry skills.

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