Dating advice for divored women

The woman I love left her ex-husband due to battery, not adultery.

I know of a woman who was twice divorced with a teenage kid, not attractive and not that bright and she was able to find herself a 3rd husband less than a few months after her 2nd divorce was finalized so apparently, some men don't have a problem with it!Seems to me that if it happened twice, you're not the best judge of character and/or are simply willing to settle for Mr. Also suggests that maybe you don't have the most healthy self respect to find yourself in the same situation twice....I'd also possibly question if you drove your second husband to drink..that's just me.Most people have had relationships which failed and it is those who didn't that seem different in a way...No problem, but more importantly how do you feel about men that have been divorced once or twice? If you build it they will come..ask yourself one simple question on your next coffee outing."Does this guy sitting infront of me now, remind me in any way of those last two bad choices?

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