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(The lights dim whenever he’s in the attic, searching for the treasure.) Over time, Bergman comes to believe her husband’s lies and, in turn, to question her sanity.

In today’s world the plot of seems pretty outlandish.

And when Alexandria had the audacity to question those lies, he flipped the script, insisting his falsehoods were true and Alexandria was delusional or just making things up for some absurd reason.

In this way Alexandria was made to feel as if she was the problem, as if her emotional and psychological instability was the real issue. To me, a therapist who’s worked with hundreds of lying spouses and addicts (and also their loved ones), the most disturbing thing about gaslighting is that even emotionally healthy people are vulnerable.

If your on any dating sites and come across this jerk please be aware. I told his wife so I am not sure what happened as of today.

He lives in New Braunsfel Texas and works for Texas State University. He recently tried to flip the switch on me by saying he just wanted to be friends after we already crossed the line and not setting boundaries.

In part, this is because we naturally tend to defend, excuse, and overlook concerns about the behavior of people to whom we are deeply attached.

Essentially, Darren wanted to continue with his illicit sexual behavior so he crafted a web of lies to justify, deny, and cover up his activity.

There he was, sitting at a table for two with another woman, kissing passionately.

Last night after he fell asleep I went through his i Phone and found out he’s having affairs with three women!

Nevertheless, the concept of psychological abuse perpetrated by presenting false information and insisting those lies are true, thereby causing the victim to doubt his or her judgment, perception, memory, and even sanity, is relatively well-accepted in contemporary society - probably because gaslighting* routinely occurs in conjunction with serial sexual infidelity and various forms of addiction.

Consider the words of Alexandria: Darren was, and sometimes still is, the most charming guy on the planet.

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