Dating a girl with a purity ring

” A year into marriage, Mandy and I realize the vow of purity remains just as important today as it was before we ever met. So, if you’re struggling with purity whether you’re dating, married, or neither, today is your day to open up to people you love and respect.

Shame grows in the dark, but you’ve been set free by the light of the world!

In a courtship, both parties are aware that the relationship could lead to a marriage, and that is the eventual goal.

Courting is similar to dating, but is more monogamous and God-honoring.

Dating, in secular terms, is just going out with different people, seeing who you would eventually want to be with.

There is no formality to the dating process and there can at times be mixed emotions if you’re uncertain about the type of future you want.

The Church is the Bride of Jesus, and this relationship is what marriage is supposed to reflect and represent.

(Go ahead right now and read Ephesians –33.) Some girls wear purity rings because it is a symbol of morality.

I am not saying dating is always bad, and some may think that dating and courting are the same, but truly they are not.Culture may confirm basic truth, but if you have the same reasoning for a purity ring as the world, then you are overlooking the truth that flows from the gospel. A purity ring declares the gospel truth that God is completely pure (Prov. Through the “camping out” of God’s Spirit in you because of faith in Jesus, you are able to reflect and represent the purity of God in your boyfriend/girlfriend relationships in physical AND emotional ways. In the Christian world of dating or courting, having a purity ring is quite common as well as having a promise ring.The question this week is: What is the difference between the two different rings?

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