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I peeped up with a greasy face and replied, “My pleasure.” I dropped my Seven’s and Calvin’s, then pushed my lovin’ in her slowly.Her pelvis waxed and waned accommodating her new daddy easily.The club overflowed into the streets of the Meat Packing District with a line stretched around the block looking like a bag of Skittles. I had no problem letting other motherfuckers sweat the package. ” “Whatever you’re drinking.”Fortunately tequila and vodka didn’t have the same sneak up ability that Long Island Ice Tea’s do so I was confident she could hold her liquor and make it back to my crib for late night festivities without any repercussions of how much she had been drinking.Luckily, I have friends in high places and Ziggy Stardust was promoting at a posh new club, Ice Cream. In fact, I was offended if you weren’t checking for my chick because I was secure when it came to that. We belly rubbed to Buju Banton and I took great delight in letting her know that my soldier was ready and able to go to battle.Rain was good for me, and made me a better person and more responsible.This was the steadiest employment I had ever sustained in my life and I actually managed to pay a bill or two.Free downloads TODAY ONLY on Amazon of both my books Dapper Carter's 8 Rules of Dating and Dapper Carter's 5 Fatale`Flaws

““Get it for me, Dapper,” she purred, while driving her heels into the gaudy, red velour wallpaper.

I used to have run-ins almost on a nightly basis with weak, possessive, insecure mothafuckas. In New York it is an unwritten rule that when you’re at a club or bar and your lady goes to use the restroom, every mothafucka in the club is gonna try and kick it to her every step of the way going to the restroom and every step of the way coming back, so you had better be secure or you’re going to be getting into fights all the time.

On more than one occasion a dude stepped to me because his girl was checking for me. So I went with her anyway…“I gotta pee, too.” We waited in the bathroom line tongue fornicating and dry humping feverishly right there up against the wall in the hallway. Our eyes did all of the talking that was needed like a point guard’s knowing glance to a teammate cutting back door for an alley oop.

I had total confidence that no other man could take any chick from me. It was always exciting to me, that moment when your dancing with a girl and your becoming aroused and the decision has to be made whether or not to lay that salami up against her stomach if your belly rubbing or on her donkey if you riding it.

If he could, then he could have her since as far as I was concerned she wasn’t down with me from the beginning and he just did me a favor. Two things will happen, either she will pull away, letting you know that she don’t get down like that or she will nestle her ass even closer.“I gotta pee,” she announced.

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