Cynical about dating

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Cynicism is a term derived from a philsophical school that questions everything without accepting immediate facts.

Thus leading to the belief structure that everything must be questioned and nothing is as simple or easy as it seems.

The belief of insincere people is a stepping stone and/or a stumble onto loneliness.

So long as the cynic enjoys the doses of optimism and doesn't get annoyed by them.Cynics realise everything is negative and nothing ever helps, but they live with these rules.Cynicism is the best form of wisdom, for it will save you from many disappointments and mistakes in your life. As we rotate around a giant sinkhole to our certain oblivion, yet still have to pay taxes, buy a mortgage, spend thousands on ungrateful brats and die unloved in vicious and uncaring old people's home; it's better to reflect this miserable state of being by inclinging towards being both jaded AND cynical.I have been called a everything accept a child of God. But after doing research I realize that it is a form charm, good wits and intelligence, at least that's the way I see it. This being a set of mind means that it can be changed. We should force cynical and jaded people to be different. The question is ambiguous because there are two fundamentally different kinds of cynics: professed, and practising. Practising cynics think everyone else is shite, but keep that a secret until they've done their work.A cynic is someone who looks at the world and sees through the tripe most people accept without questioning it, they express their disappointment with the human race in general through sarcastic comments and remarks. The combination is scary to the jaded optimist I am, when I try to understand if his kindness could be cynicism. It's a cycle every growing intelligence has to pass through and not get STUCK at that stage.

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