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Results of combat, which may include Player versus player encounters, may be determined by chance through dice rolls or software designed to provide a random result.

The results of random chance may need to be provided to the players in order to avoid disputes that may be a result of cheating or favoritism.

Characters may be original creations of the player, or may be based on a character taken from canon if the setting and rules provide this option.

Each community may have its own rules regarding the process of character creation and either allow characters to be liberally created and used with minimal review, or require characters to undergo a review process in which administrators examine the character application and decide whether to approve or reject the application.

A play-by-post role-playing game (or sim) is an online text-based role-playing game in which players interact with each other and a predefined environment via text.

It is a subset of the online role-playing community which caters to both gamers and creative writers.

If you can't find a solution, follow the troubleshooting steps below.The popularity of play-by-post games peaked in the early 2000s with online chat services and free remotely hosted message boards such as invision Free and Pro Boards Unlike other forms of online role-playing games such as MUDs or MMORPGs, the events in play-by-post games are rarely handled by software and instead rely on participants or moderators to make decisions or improvise.Players create their own characters and descriptions of events and their surroundings during play.In many cases, characters are regarded as belonging to the players who created them, and others are not allowed to make drastic changes to them without the creator's consent.In addition to standard characters, games may also incorporate non-player characters (NPCs).

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