Cowgirl up dating

I like being on top, riding jockey style like a race rider, being able to bite on his neck as he grabs my butt. I also like placing my full weight on him by placing my legs on top of his chest and placing my hands on his thighs.

In front-facing sex positions, this angle works to your advantage as the head is more likely to hit the sensitive front wall of the vagina.

When you are on top, you get to control the speed, angle and depth of penetration according to what feels best for you.

This is a huge game changer in how pleasurable intercourse feels to you. You can easily touch your own clitoris while on top.

Ready to discover a fun sex position that's hot for both you and your lover? The Reverse Cowgirl sex position describes intercourse with the female on top, facing away from her partner, riding him like a cowboy.

Regular Cowgirl is a woman on top, facing her lover.

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