Cougar a guide for older women dating younger

Gideon says for a woman to try and get into this sort of relationship, she has to try and master the art of aging gracefully, too.

cougar a guide for older women dating younger-26

These ladies have learnt the tricks from the best; their male counterparts.What they are, however, yet to master are the tricks and ways to lure younger men,” says Jackson Liru, 24-year-old student, who, however, claims is not into cross-generational dating.Liru says having loads of cash and higher social status have a way of making men with hidden agenda get away with disregarding the rules and regulations of morality, which bind lesser mortals.Men are visual creatures, just because you pay his rent doesn’t mean you stop making an effort to look good, says Jonathan*, insisting that a woman who makes an effort to look good will be noticed, even when she is in her 50s and 60s.Older women who are interested in dating younger guys are advised to be subtle as they make their moves. So long as an opportunity arises and they get a chance, they always make the chase so long as their object of desire looks promising,” says Derick Ominde, a Nairobi-based relationship coach.

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