Consolidating student loans nelnet

Generally, Stafford and PLUS loans must be repaid within 10 years from the start of repayment.However, any periods when you postponed your payments due to deferment or forbearance, and any time while you were in school or a grace period (when payments aren't due) will not count toward the 10-year repayment term.Keep in mind that browser versions vary, so these instructions might not be the exact steps you need to take for your personal setup.

For your Grad PLUS loan, this postponement is called a six-month post-enrollment deferment.NOTE: You may only use this six-month grace period in full one time.If you go back to school and take out new Stafford loans, you will have a grace period on the new loans after you graduate or drop below half-time status.Please review your Payment Schedule for information on the term of your loan Nelnet sends billing statements (either electronically or via paper, based on your selection in your account) about three weeks before payments are due.You can always log in to your account to verify upcoming due dates and payment amounts for all of your loans with Nelnet.

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