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Importing this file into a session automatically ensures it is placed exactly where it was originally.

Luckily, in pro Tools, this function is actually called “Consolidate.” Other DAW programs will have different names for this option, while sme may not have it.

Excel's Consolidate feature's claim to fame is merging and summarizing values from multiple workbooks.

It's a great tool for combining data when several users work with different instances of the same file.

If the track count exceeds the limit, a window will open, telling you what tracks have been left out, and you will want to save this info.

Now that your session consists of 24/32 tracks, save the new session by clicking Save As.

Exporting a project from one DAW to another can be frustrating — but there are ways and means...

We're often asked how to transfer projects from one software DAW to another.

The key here is to make sure every audio file is imported with timing intact.

That said, there are several areas of commonality, so it's always possible to transfer at least some data: all use a timeline, and offer multiple mono or stereo audio tracks; they support plug‑in effects, processors and instruments; they generate automation data, probably using MIDI, to control effects and virtual instruments; the job of summing signals together on a bus is a simple mathematical process... Before exporting a project, consider what media you plan to use for the transfer.

Assuming you're not just switching between DAWs on the same machine, it's easy and inexpensive to use an external hard drive, and even USB pen drives are now typically large enough to hold a full project (just don't try to run the project directly from it! By default, Macs and PCs use different drive formats (NTFS on Windows; HFS on a Mac) and without additional software, neither OS can write to the other's drives.

Even with different versions of the same DAW 'family', you may find that an 'LE' or 'lite' version can't open a project created in the 'full‑fat' product, simply because the full version includes functionality that's missing or disabled in others.

Newer versions of a DAW may include additional functionality, and different plug‑ins from previous versions, as plug‑ins have been updated, or licensing deals with third‑party suppliers of older plug‑ins expire.

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