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I'm really amazed at what this program has done for me." "Before the programme I was unhappy, and out of control and out of touch with myself. I didn’t have the skills or tools to get myself out of the rut I was in so I consequently felt awful the entire time because I was trapped. I treated each budding romance with kid gloves—tiptoeing around conversations and worrying about what could go wrong until it inevitably did.

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For the first time, I didn’t agonize over where it was going or what it might be in the future.When he left in late September and our connection waned, I was dismayed but not devastated.You see, I discovered something true about myself in our relationship and its aftermath, a truth I never imagined I would own: I am at peace with my single life.Perhaps the most significant change was my reclamation of autonomy in my romantic life.When I used dating apps, I I had been taking charge of my dating life, but I discovered that I had actually ceded control to the algorithmic whims of apps driven by big data, and propelled by my own excessive and increasing desperation, I descended into mindless swiping that left me more dissatisfied than when I started.

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