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I guarandamntee you that at least one person in your pew or row at church this Sunday will be one who is suffering from depression or another mental illness.No matter the size of your congregation, chances are very good that at least one person in worship with you this Sunday has had suicidal thoughts in the last six months.

Not just once or twice, and not just when you see the on Sundays. I talked about how few people I have had who are willing to say “I love you” or just come be with me.

There are those who say, “If you are ever having a bad day, call me,” not understanding that someone in depression can’t even pick up the phone and call. You also need spiritual help at this time, and that is going to be more difficult.

So if you are going to be used of God to bring healing, you will have to do the calling. You are sick, just as someone with diabetes or cancer is sick. If you have a true shepherd at your church, one who is willing to tend to sick and lost sheep (which, by definition, is all sheep), then count yourself among the fortunate few.

So I want to address three people in this mess of life that involves pain so severe it can result in death. You are not a leader, you are not a director, you are not a spokesman. There is nothing, not one thing, that matters more than your sheep. Yet since you are most likely not a licensed counselor or medical professional, just how are you going to care for the sick sheep? For so many caught in the web of depression, the spider that is closing in on them is doubt and despair. I told him to shut up and pass the ice cream.) You won’t have to look very far to find someone suffering from depression in your workplace, your neighborhood, your school or your church.

Doubt that God cares, that he even knows who they are or that they are in agony. (And if you can’t find anyone, you can come be my friend.) And just like the commercials that say you don’t have to be perfect to be a Big Brother, just willing, the same goes here.

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