Christian concept of dating

What mattered to (Paul) was 'a new creation' (which contains the phrases "husband is the head of the wife" and "wives, submit to your husband") and in {{Bibleref2|Colossians|-4:1(which instructs wives to subordinate themselves to their husbands).

The importance of the meaning of "head" as used by the Apostle Paul is pivotal in the conflict between the Complementarian position and the Egalitarian view.

Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians consider marriage a Sacrament.They propose a fully equal partnership between men and women in both the family and in the church.Its proponents teach "the fundamental biblical principle of the equality of all human beings before God".She found that its second most frequent use in the New Testament was to convey the metaphorical sense of "source"..They interpret that verse to mean that God the father is the authoritative head over the Son, and in turn Jesus is the authoritative head over the church, not simply its source.

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