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Hopefully this will help you guys out when it comes time to pick your polishes for the sale.I admit I went a little nuts with the comparisons but I thought that ruling out possible dupes was just as important as posting actual dupes.I probably wouldn't repurchase because as stated I have other similar colors but the OPI quality is there with this polish. A wonderful, deep purpled blue creme- almost a crelly with how lush and pillowy it looks. It was more edgy and dark when matte, like it just changed it more than ditching the gloss. This color is from the Euro Centrale collection, and it is a very striking deep blue.Applies like a dream, you can almost one coat it; and is always super shiny. I get lots of compliments on this color whenever I wear it, and I hope that this color will stick around for a while instead of being replaced by future collections.Also, Let me go ahead pre-apologize for all the visible nail line I'm about to bombard you with!Red Jellies, 2 coat swatches, and flash photography don't mix man!

Regardless of the season or time of year (why anyone uses that to dictate what color to wear, I'll never understand), this is a favorite that I will wear whenever I'm feeling a little blue.

Ok, so I went a little nuts with the pics on this one.

I just felt like unless you own all these greens and can see them personally you might mistake them as dupes for Recycle based on online swatch pics. Hopefully these green comps can settle some questions some of you might have had about Recycle's dupeability, if not at least they're fun to look at.

Another kinda close blue that falls in the same category in my opinion.

Not a dupe but it is an alternative if you need to be ultra picky or are on a limited budget, you can get it for at the etailers.

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