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This same information on Tesla’s cloud could be used by A. and architects to know the number of cars that pass through each road, prioritize the repairing, widening and changing of roads.However, quite often in architecture and urban planning, the most logical solution is not always the best, or at least people don’t like it the best. in architecture and urban planning promises a lot, but as we’ve seen, it’s very naïve of us to try and predict what it will be like.We provide some of the highest quality, most popular and easy to use chat rooms on the web today, but did you know that you can create your own chat room here, too?If you want to own and manage your own chat room on our server, it's quick and easy to set it up, and it will show up in the public rooms list so that other users on our chat service can join and participate.

Using your mobile is possible on any device or browser so you can connect to the chat rooms via your smart phone and tablet with ease and utilize all the features of the live chat.

Many of the tweets saw Tay referencing Hitler, denying the Holocaust, supporting Trump’s immigration plans (to “build a wall”), or even weighing in on the side of the abusers in the #Gamer Gate scandal.

[gallery ids="1296691,1296690,1296695,1296694,1296693,1296692"] This is not exactly the experience Microsoft was hoping for when it launched the bot to chat up millennial users via social networks.

Much like in the 2001 film by Steven Spielberg, Artificial Intelligence has been having a tough time trying to earn our love and trust. However, before we reach what seems to be our inevitable doom, there’s bound to be a friendly period of A. It still needs to be adaptive, self-learning and intuitive. to solve problems that would take days for an architect, is the space syntax software ‘depthmap X’ by The Bartlett at UCI. Figure 2 Site analysis by depthmap XA big trend nowadays is to use game engines, the ones that game developers use, for architectural purposes. A good example would be Unity 3D, on which we can upload our projects, and use it’s A. to figure out for example the shortest distances to the fire exits.

Many of the rather smarter people alive today, the likes of Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Elon Musk, have been continuously warning us about the possible mayhem and destruction that will eventually happen due to A. To distinguish artificial intelligence in a machine, in 1950 the mathematician Alan Turing came up with what he humbly named the Turing Test. is already quite present and is used very often by architects for their projects, be that using something as boring as a calculator or as fun as BIM software. As architects are learning to code, software designed especially for architect’s needs are being designed.

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