Chat programs for sex

For more information or to register for a group, please contact HAVEN at 248-334-1274.We offer a combination of educational and support groups for survivors of domestic violence.Teens who are in a controlling or abusive dating relationship can benefit from the self-awareness that counseling can assist with. HAVEN offers a variety of support groups for survivors.

Examples of these workshops include: Yoga for Survivors, Mandalas (an art experiential workshop), dance/movement therapy, meditation and more. Children who live in a home where domestic violence has occurred can benefit from working with a counselor — they can explore safety planning as well as nonviolent means of expressing feelings together.Throughout the treatment process, clients develop the tools needed to understand their disease and triggers for acting out, set healthy boundaries, and work toward genuine self-esteem and stable intimacy.Our treatment for sex addiction also addresses the full spectrum of co-occurring issues, such as substance abuse, emotional trauma, disordered eating and other addictions, and culminates in the establishment of a sexual sobriety plan that serves as a lifelong guide toward healthier, more honest relationships.This group is specifically for teenage women who have suffered trauma from dating violence, sexual assault or child abuse.A support group for female survivors of sexual assault.

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