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confirmed the German account."(au)On 5 August 1944 a POW camp near Cowra in Australia saw one of the biggest WW2 prison escapes.

At 2am Japanese POWs, shouting "Banzai", broke through the wire, one group on the northern side, one on the western and one on the southern.

(nz)The village of Lake Bathurst, an hour north-east of Canberra, is a very long way from WWII battlefields.

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"We were hoping to find the remnants of a make-shift Japanese hospital. a Japanese soldier sitting up against a tree, only centimeters from the surface still in his helmet..."( Fred Collett escaped from a World War II Po W camp in Greece to the island of Crete in April 1941 to warn fellow soldiers of the enemy advance.Italian migrants experienced popular resentment in Australia, although they had escaped Fascism and another war looming in Europe.Once Italy declared war on Britain and its allies on 10th June 1940, Italian migrants in Australia became political pawns.Senior historian at the memorial Dr Karl James said members of the unit conducted some of the most courageous and extraordinary acts of the Second World War.`It is only given the passage of time say from the 1980s onwards, the wartime records relating to Z Special Unit have been cleared and opened, that we are now able to talk about some of these pretty remarkable exploits.`( officials found human remains of Spencer Walklate and Ron Eagleton on Kairiru Island 20km from Wewak on Papua New Guinea`s northern coast, they may have done more than locate two missing WWII commandos.

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