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In the 1910s automatic telephone switches started to supersede hello girls who made connections manually.

By the beginning of the First World War the USA had over 100 automatic telephone switches, Germany—7, Great Britain—2.

In 1917 during the Great Socialist Revolution the building with cadets holed up inside was besieged by revolutionary insurgents.

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Automatic dialing was possible with a rotary dial telephone set.In the Moscow Telephone Network Subscribers Directory published in 1916 the first article of the rules of use reads as follows: “ The central station is called by taking the microtelephone off the hook.The operator at the station should answer by telling her number.How they did it Americans who were to encounter the problem of 7-digit numbers sooner that any other nation, found a mnemonic solution to the problem (it was generally believed back then that 7-digit numbers were hard to memorize): the first three digits were replaced with letters some word started with.For technical reasons no telephone number in the US started with 1.

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