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The couple of visits Graham had made to our house could not be described as successes! you know, after you've knocked," I groused, but with a welcoming grin on my lips. "What's to see," she teased as she lifted the sheet that was bunched at my waist and pretended to look under it. " she mocked, then sat next to me, leaning back against the headboard as she tucked her legs under the sheet. "Is this a naked tour or a dressed tour," I challenged teasingly with a leer. " Listening in the can I'd half turned as I heard myself described as a conservative wacko pig, unfortunately spraying a thick arc of my piss against the wall. "Thanks," she whispered, then turned back to mom and Izzy and said, "Now maybe they won't think we're so bad." I couldn't help but notice that Sophie's nipples were as hard as little pebbles. "Come dressed Charlie," she instructed with a smile. Dressed, and around their dinner table, you wouldn't have guessed they were radical socialists and nudists. Instead they were interesting people trying to live their lives in a way that seemed to make sense to them. "They weren't that bad," I said as I lifted the sheet and slipped into the bed next to mom. And then, after we'd walked silently for another forty yards, asked, "You okay with everything? My penis, which had fit itself into the cleft in her ass, was straining upward against her bum.

When they'd announced their engagements at Christmas dad had extracted a promise from his oldest daughter that they'd wait at least one year before marrying and that the ceremony, if it ever took place, would occur at the local Presbyterian Church that had welcomed Woodmans through its doors for generations. I'd been sitting against the backboard of my bed, reading by the light of my bedside lamp. "I'm busy," I complained but that didn't stop me from putting my arm around her shoulder. But Sophie wasn't going to be cowed that easily and quickly shot back, "that's up to you little brother," (and she emphasized 'little') "the people of the Rising Sun are happily going to welcome the Woodman family no matter what they're wearing." Her eyes flicked to my crotch for a second before lifting them up again into a bold, challenging stare. "Everyone will be dressed at the family dinner tonight," I heard Sophie explain as I slipped into the can. and tomorrow yeah, most of them will be." "Gawd, and we'll be the only ones dressed ... they'll know who we are," Sophie groaned as I unzipped myself and started to pee. "I think they're expecting the Woodman family to be a group of Bible thumping, conservative, capitalist wacko pigs..." "WHAT! "Well, what have you guys told your friends about Graham's family ... "No, they'll think we're perverts like they are," sis shot back. Well, as we walked the three hundred yards through the woods towards the main settlement, I kept chanting silently to myself in almost monkish manner, no erection ... "But I'm starting to like this nudism thing," I shot back. A week before the wedding announcement Evelyn, one of the girls I'd been dating at the time, had talked me into shaving every hair off my prick and balls. So my groin was now covered with only a wispy beard of short hairs. "It just grows like this." "Yeah right Charlie," Izzy mocked. When I emerged from brushing my teeth and combing my hair twenty minutes later (yes, we did have an indoor sink and toilet but no shower or bath tub — the creek apparently was where guests bathed) — I found mom and Izzy hunched over my now opened futon. "You can't sleep on this Charlie," mom instructed when she saw me. I hadn't brought any p.j.'s so was wearing only my boxers. I couldn't blame my cock for getting a little excited when it found itself lying between two near naked women. She leaned her head back into my shoulder so that her soft hair was caressing my cheek.

Obviously Sophie hadn't honored the deal and so Isabel and I both had to listen to dad rant and rave for another half hour that night before we finally escaped. "You probably don't want to hear my news then," she said as she made a move to get up. "Is everyone going to be naked around here all the time this weekend? "Don't worry Iz, you'll prove them wrong," Sophie said. Mom said nothing and her reaction to what I'd done, and in fact the way she'd responded to everything she'd seen since we'd come in the front gate, had surprised me. "You certainly liked those three blonds," Izzy complained, letting me know she'd noticed my interest in one on the last groups of people we'd met. "You know, I think mom thought you were gay when she first saw you this aft. "Sophie said it was okay," I answered nonchalantly. I got a quick glimpse of a pale yellow slip that seemed surprisingly sexy for my forty-one year old mom before the sheet fell. We've got a busy day ahead Isabel." "You poked me ... with your thing," Izzy told me as we lay side by side on the bed, slowly stretching after mom had left. "You came," my sister accused as she sat up and peered down at my groin. " she demanded as she jumped from the bed and rushed after me. "Not til tomorrow," I whispered in her ear as my hands slid upward from her hips ... then across her ribs until they started to climb the undersides of her breasts. but which still ultimately ended up with the urgency of needy cock and cunt ...

"Hey." "Hey you," I answered back as I looked up and saw Isabel slip through my door and into my room. "Talk," I ordered as I tightened my grip around her. I thought the nudity and everything would disgust her, instead, in a way, I saw that it bothered her the least of all of us. Mom had disappeared into the bathroom the second we'd got back so was missing this conversation. Lucky dad wasn't here." With those words my cock started to fall and fortunately was limp when mom came out of the bathroom seconds later. "I'll pretend I'm camping." "Its got holes in it ... Izzy was in the can but when she finally appeared, wearing a matching pink tank top and silk sleeping shorts, she got in the bed so that I ended up trapped between them. "You're crazy," I said but I could feel the stickiness on my cock and on my thighs. " she asked as her fingers lifted a clearly stained portion of my boxers up. "Besides, if I did it's your fault," I said as I got out of the bed and walked towards the toilet. My penis was sticking out of the slit in my shorts, a stream of deep yellow piss already arcing down into the bowl, when she barged into the room. Tried to take advantage of your poor innocent brother while he slept ... "It's my last day of freedom," she answered, the question clear in her voice. with that explosion of pleasure that rockets from your groin to your brain. The still half hard shaft coated with a thick layer of my cum mixed with Sophie's juice. I feel so full," she said after breaking away from my hungry lips.

And believed it was because of my immanent departure for University, me wanting to distance myself before I left for my new life. it's like their most important holiday of the year ... "Thanks Charlie," my big sister whispered, then plastered herself against me in a warm embrace. Fuck, I'm a horny teenager who's had a hard-on on and off for the last two hours - in fact since we first came through the gate — and now I've got two perfect breasts punching into my naked chest and my cock's squeezed against my sister's hair covered mound. "Oh, and by the way Charlie, why do you have so little hair down there? "Night sweetie," I cooed softly, then leaned over and gave her a big, wet kiss on her cheek. " she spat out as she was rubbed my kiss off her cheek. But by accident she turned just as my kiss was going to land innocently on her cheek and instead our lips met. "C'mon, get up you guys, it's almost nine-thirty," mom ordered as she shook us. You'd think it would be a teenage boy's heaven to spend three hours or so in the company of some two hundred naked girls aged sixteen to twenty-five. show you what you have to do," my sis said with a smile. Sophie was wet, her nether lips engorged, her clitoric bud exposed when my fingers ventured lower. I watched as she pushed her dripping fingers into mouth. You said you guys weren't going to have a child for a few years," I said when the import of her words hit me. I stopped taking the pill a month ago." "But" "Graham's been using condoms ...

We'd been born only ten months apart and somehow, against all odds, we'd become best friends. " I asked, as always impressed by my younger sister's ingenuity. "And don't you dare get an erection Charlie," Izzy yelled as she and mom came abreast of us. "I think it was the other way around," Sophie giggled, "they certainly weren't looking Charlie in the eye." "I know! "It's just that she's excited about getting married," I explained to my sister with an innocent shrug. I think some mice were living in it," Izzy said in disgust. " "Put it out on the porch Charles, we're not having it in the house with us," mom ordered in her most imperious Main Line voice, a voice that brooked no dissent. "Tres sexy," I said to sis, then immediately let out a wolf whistle. it was sick," I accused as I finished up and tucked my cock away. I learned that there can be too much of a good thing. I needed a break," Sophie admitted as I waded out of the water towards her. She gasped when my fingers found her nipples, nipples already hard and excited. "More," Sophie ordered as she struggled to lift her hips ... For minutes, holding hands, we lay side by side looking up at sky, wordless as our breathing slowed. "Look," she instructed as she sat up, kneeling in front of me with her thighs spread.

I had buddies who hated their sisters or were constantly at war with them; but instead, somehow Izzy and I had become friends. The person I'd spilled my secrets to knowing they'd never be repeated. It had only been in the last few months that our life long connection had somehow become skewed and had started to falter. "That's all we need, you leading us through town with your..." Her voice tailed off as she clearly didn't know how to describe it. They were looking right at his..." "I don't think they knew they come that big," sis added, still giggling. I immediately tried to pull back from Sophie but she held me for second after second before finally releasing me. "You know Iz, I think I'm going to have to find a date for your brother," Sophie said as she stood back from me and then stared down at my throbbing erection. " Izzy muttered as her eyes discovered my bobbing cockhead. and if you didn't happen to be my little brother," Sophie teased as she backed towards the door. Ignoring my question she turned to Izzy and said, "maybe you should help your big brother out with his problem," then disappeared through the door. "Or that they've turned her into a sex maniac," Izzy said huffily, then after staring at my still erect penis for a couple more seconds instructed, "Now make it small; mom will be out in a second." "I'll try," I answered but my penis seemed to have a mind of its own. "Don't snore, stay on your part of the bed and don't get an erection," Isabel ordered, clearly still irritated at me about my earlier remarks to Jenny about her. Don't talk like that," mom instructed from the other side of me. I also felt what seemed like still quite firm breasts against my chest for a second. "Night honey," mom whispered when our lips finally separated. I'd learned long ago that you had to stay on the attack with my sweet little sister. Mom and Isabel had a lunch date with the ladies so I had some free time and was delighted when Jenny showed up around eleven and led me off to the main beach where the University aged kids were partying. I didn't even know them but knew that any one of ten or fifteen of them would have been happy to lead me into the woods and ravish me. " "Hey," I answered when I saw Sophie standing at the edge of the brook. It was around two-thirty on a hot, sultry July day. She started to move her butt up and down against my fitted penis. as she tried to somehow get more of me inside of her. The almost feral animalistic insanity of our first coupling was replaced by the sensuous dance of two lovers. My cum was oozing out from her still engorged vaginal lips. "It means that your baby's going to grow inside me," my sister said with such absolute certainty that I knew it was true.

"We're lost," I lied as I threw my hands up in mock confusion. Puffy tipped tits were being saved for immortality. My eyes followed the curves of her shapely rear as she turned to Izzy and embraced her. One second, something, some idea that is totally foreign to everything you know, suddenly appears in some synapse and is transmitted into your awareness.

The three of us had just managed to get out of the car before Sophie arrived, her first move throwing herself into mom's arms.

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