Challenge men dating

The technique is to refrain from giving unnecessary information which may lead her to believe we’re trying to show off and mention other women to make her jealous. For example: NOT A GOOD CHALLENGE: The difference is to omit things which are not important to the story and are irrelevant. The more confident you are, the more skilled you are at flirting, the less cocky you need to throw in to your humor. Remember, just being funny isn’t enough of a real challenge to women. Common questions include what we do for a living, how old we are, if we’ve ever been married, do we have kids, what do we do for fun, and lots of yes or no questions. Make her wonder if you’re telling the truth or not. We all must keep in mind women are very social and often highly conversational.

With that in mind how we talk to her and what we talk about is the easiest way to challenge her in the beginning.

This works best by not pretending we’re it and playing some stupid mind games but by actually “teasing” her into our lives because of who we are, what we do, and how we approach life, is naturally challenging her attraction towards us.

The Top Ten list I’m suggesting comes with a few questions because I understand how hard it can be to accomplish all of this when we’re starting with nothing or are feeling conflicted about all the advice we’ve been given. The greatest challenge we can offer is to put a high value on our life and to make sure we’re enjoying it as much as we can. ) This gives us the opportunity to really turn up our charm, flirt, and challenge her to want to know even more. What works best is the classic “cocky/funny” responses I learned directly from my very first “teacher,” David De Angelo.

There’s a deeper level of attraction we can reach with women if we challenge them just enough to “step up her game.” We must be a natural “man commodity” which also engages the specific emotional attachments women tend to put along side attraction.

It also in a way makes any woman of any age feel youthful and full of energy.

If you’ve ever done it right, even by just just our words we’ll notice her voice change, goosebumps, nervous chatter, and it’s something amazing and fun to be a part of. Rather than get too deep in this very large subject I’ll once again pass it on to a post which is more defined and helpful.

This leads to nervousness, self-consciousness, and stilted behavior.

It creates a tense, uncomfortable atmosphere, and destroys attraction.”omen do NOT want to be GIVEN their next lover, boyfriend, or casual date without any real challenge.

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