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You've Got Mail aside, it's difficult to think of a movie about online dating that could make us swoon the same way that we do at When Harry Met Sally or Roman Holiday or The Princess Bride (admit it - comedy movie or not, the Dread Pirate Roberts is still sexy as hell).That's where Shannon Ong, founder and CEO of The Catch, comes in.

If you’re frustrated with the dating scene today, you’re not alone. So I created a cross between The Dating Game and The Bachelorette."Up to four men are handpicked for each game based on basic info pulled from their Facebook profiles.

Much to her delight, she manages not merely to win his attention but be whisked off her feet, and so falls hopelessly in love.

Świadome kształtowanie swojego wizerunku w Internecie, a w szczególności w mediach społecznościowych pozwala zwiększyć swoją wiarygodność, przyciągnąć do siebie lepszych i bardziej wartościowych kandydatów oraz budować swój wizerunek swojego pracodawcy.

More and more people turn to their phones not just to help them remotely start their car, lock their garage, shock them into jogging faster, and ordering pizza at the touch of a button, but also to find that elusive life-goal we all long for (aromantics possibly excepted): love.

Unfortunately, the biggest problem with most dating apps is the biggest problem with most apps (and the 21st century) in general -- we have too many things screaming for our attention.

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