Carbon 14 dating flawed

Renfrew (1973) called it 'the radiocarbon revolution' in describing its impact upon the human sciences.Oakley (1979) suggested its development meant an almost complete re-writing of the evolution and cultural emergence of the human species.While some of this deviation could possibly be explained by contamination or erred methodology in the labs themselves, it is apparent that the problems with carbon dating are much more complex than that.

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Libby of the University of Chicago in immediate post-WW2 years.

Both carbon and radioactive carbon are found in every living organism.

While carbon is quite prevalent in these organisms, radioactive carbon is present only in tiny amounts.

Even the use of accelerator mass spectrometry to analyze the relative levels of carbon and radioactive carbon has resulted in flawed determinations.

It is not uncommon for different laboratories to determine quite different ages for the same artifact!

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