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We run between 60 and 70 rallies each year from March to October throughout mainland U. Our aim is to encourage and promote touring caravan touring as a recreational activity among persons aged 60 or over who have retired from full time gainful occupation.

Organising Rallies is the sole reason for our existence.

They are run by volunteer Rally Officers who are encouraged to ‘do it their way’ resulting in each rally being unique in terms of its content, but which always includes some form of entertainment on or off the rally field - often both!

In Spring and Autumn many of our caravan touring rallies are held on commercial sites with full facilities.

Consequently these rallies are often more expensive than those we hold in the Summer months when we use school playing fields, rugby grounds, showgrounds, the odd garden centre and even farmers' fields.

In all cases the sites are carefully chosen to ensure easy access and minimum impact on the local environment.

One way of doing this is finding people who do it already and talking to them.

You don’t even need a caravan a tent will do just as well.

Read all about them below They will be only too pleased to give you some help and advice.

The Retired Caravanners Association (The RCA) We are a happy band of social caravanners, all over 60, who revel in the freedom and camaraderie of the rally field and the easy going companionship of like minded friends of our own generation.

If you think camping with your family can wing it solo? with caravaning, especially women who might feel intimidated by taking on traditionally manly chores?

And what are the benefits of continuing caravaning once you’re single?

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